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University Building


Serverli plays a vital role in safeguarding educational institutions and creating a secure learning environment. Implementing effective security measures within the education sector offers numerous benefits.

Serverli’s mission is to protect students, teachers, and staff from potential threats – by deploying access control systems, surveillance cameras, and emergency response protocols, educational institutions can quickly respond to incidents and mitigate risks.


Additionally, physical security measures deter unauthorized access, vandalism, and theft, safeguarding valuable assets and resources. This, in turn, fosters a conducive learning atmosphere and protects the educational institution’s reputation.

College Campus

Enhancing Campus Safety with Facial Recognition, PSIM, and IoT Device Monitoring

Leveraging Facial Recognition, PSIM, and IoT device monitoring enhances campus safety by enabling real-time threat identification, centralized monitoring, and comprehensive surveillance, ensuring a proactive approach to security management and fostering a safe learning environment.


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