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At Serverli, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding hardware solutions, ranging from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to cameras and accessories. We prioritize providing you with a robust, dependable, and scalable foundation for your solutions.

Our team takes care of the design and imaging of your hardware, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your unique requirements. With Serverli, you can trust in the quality and tailored approach of our hardware offerings to support your specific needs.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

With OEM hardware, you can ensure seamless compatibility, optimal performance, and reliability within your security ecosystem. Rigorously tested and certified, OEM hardware provides the utmost confidence in its durability and adherence to industry standards. Benefit from comprehensive support and warranty options, enabling swift technical assistance and minimizing potential downtime.

Cameras and IOT Devices

Exceptional cameras and IoT devices are imperative for a robust security solution. These high-quality components serve as the eyes and ears of your security system, capturing crucial visual and sensory data that enable effective surveillance and threat detection. By choosing quality cameras and IoT devices, you create a solid foundation for a comprehensive and effective security solution, ensuring the safety and protection of your assets, premises, and personnel.


High-quality accessories are essential for a reliable security solution. These accessories, such as switches, cables, mounts, brackets, power supplies, and connectors, play a crucial role in ensuring the proper installation, integration, and functionality of security equipment. They provide the necessary support, connectivity, and convenience to optimize the performance and effectiveness of your security solution.


Reach out to us today and let our experts guide you towards optimal security solutions tailored to your needs

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