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Serverli MD

Monitoring Simplified. Security Maximized.
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Serverli MD is a manufacturer-neutral monitoring and management solution that provides visibility and insight into every security and IoT device in your environment. It’s simple to use, secure, and easily scalable.

Serverli MD provides a comprehensive view of your total physical security infrastructure from edge to core.

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Serverli MD is a powerful, yet easy to use platform that provides extensive insight and visibility into all security and IoT devices 

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Automated and continuous device discovery scanning of your environment -proactively sending audience specific alerts and notifications of any disturbance in the network.


Serverli MD's customizable on-demand reporting features eliminate data silos by unifying data across your entire multi-vendor environment. This consolidation allows for proactive decision-making and enhanced situational awareness,

Who are we

Serverli CCM

Streamline, Secure, and Scale with true Edge Orchestration

Increase security and reduce complexity when connecting multiple organizations and users at enterprise scale.

  • Create a Zero Trust security posture in any environment

  • Lower costs while improving security and compliance

  • Leverage existing IDP and IAM solutions to enforce identity based network

  • Automate and simplify deployment and management

  • Solve configuration, compliance, and security challengeswhen connecting multiple stakeholders

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Scalable, cloud-based orchestration solution for the distributed edge that delivers visibility, control and security for edge computing deployments in the field. 


Ensures high availability for critical applications, emphasizes strong security measures, and is cost-effective.


Enables automation of
ongoing management tasks including
security patching, software updates,
and configuration changes.

Who are we
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